Divine Mercy Sunday

I must admit at the outset here that I’m not a true devotee of the Divine Mercy Apostolate. As an art historian, I view the Divine Mercy images as ‘Bad Catholic Art’. However, since this is Divine Mercy Sunday, I thought this article about the origins of the image(s) might be of interest to my readers, both Catholic and non-Catholic.

Why So Many Images? Which One is ‘Best’? Dr. Robert Stackpole Answers Your Questions on Divine Mercy


Here’s pleasant music with a lyric video to pray the Chaplet of Divine Mercy.

4 thoughts on “Divine Mercy Sunday

  1. Connie Pollner says:

    Would be interested to know why you consider it “bad art”. I have no art training so would appreciate more instruction. Thanks.

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    • jane arney says:

      Hi Connie, thanks for your great question! Some would say that bad art is in the eye of the beholder, which is true to an extent since art is a very subjective experience. There is even a Museum of Bad Art! But generally speaking, bad art shows no particular distinctiveness or originality in thought, design, or execution. It can be overly sentimental and made for mass production, as with much art on Catholic prayer cards and bookmarks or anything by Thomas Kinkade. Now, many people say, “But I like Thomas Kindade.” That’s fine, but it doesn’t make his banal, commercialized productions “art.” Good art has a timeless quality, it will survive the judgment of the ages. It can surprise you, seduce you, provoke you, make you think, delight you. There is an indefinable magic in true art.


  2. erikleo says:

    Oh no! Another horror! I see you didn’t ok my last comment!

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